Guide To End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning

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End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

The lease agreement includes a phrase that says you ought to clean your carpets well prior to vacating the premises. Carpets usually lose their luster and glow as a result of the accumulation of food particles, hair and dirt.

This period can turn into a distressing experience if you won’t hire a trustworthy and skilled end of lease cleaners. It can leave you weighed down if all the strenuous scrubbing does not help in getting the sparkle back. Thanks to the team of NO1 Carpet Cleaning for helping us put together this useful guide.

1. Prepare in advance

Avoid doing the last minute rush. Certainly you would fast finish the cleaning work if you spend a little effort to plan it. To doing things successfully, you should begin early on. You won’t require wasting your entire life cleaning up the property so as to reclaim back your full bond.

2. Create a checklist of what task to complete

Before creating your schedule, you require to plan the tasks that are supposed to be included. You can begin this process by creating a list of what requires to be done for a successful end of lease cleaning. Read the list again. Confirm whether there is anything that you have missed. Calculate the amount of much time do you require to use on each task

3. Start cleaning your carpet

Here is the list of the thing you might require.

  • Carpet-cleaning soap
  • Outdoor and Indoor floor mats
  • Spot treating cleaners
  • Paper towels
  • Vacuum filters

If the furniture is very heavy to move about, place aluminum foil squares, plastic film, or wood blocks under as well as around the legs of all furniture to avoid stains from finishes and paint or rust from metal casters from staining the damp carpet.

DIY machines typically put too much moisture into the carpet, and the majority do not have sturdy enough suction to thoroughly remove it. Make just one bypass with a solution of water and soap. Make also one bypass with the neutralizing rinsing solution. After that, make three or four drying bypasses with the water off.

Damp carpet is an ideal environment for mildew and mold. As a result, after you have cleaned your carpets, open your windows, switch on the fans and a dehumidifier, or place the AC on a modest set of about 72 – 78 degrees to take out too much dampness from the air. Avoid walking or replacing the furniture on your carpet until it is totally dry. Drying time can take up to 10 hours, even though six-eight hours is okay.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Method

4. Remove carpet stains

If you are not the type of person who deals with stains immediately they occur, then you may find yourself having a discolored carpet and the mistaken expectations that a fast steam clean will help. However, Steam cleaning is not a miracle therapy for poor carpet care.

Generally, deep stains are much difficult to clean if you have waited too long to clean them; as a result, it is most vital to try spot cleaning. Look for a carpet brush with firm bristles and a bucket of water. You will require some type of cleaner. Try a water solution and white vinegar in equal amounts, or try club soda before using other stronger industrial cleaning products.

5. Get Professional Help

Vacuuming may take away movable particles; however, your carpet might require a specialized carpet cleaning to get rid of the dust, dirt, as well as allergens which might have stuck themselves deep into the fibers. The majority of the tenancy agreements usually include a clause that specifies accommodation being left spotlessly clean.

Check for a clause which indicates if you should hire end of tenancy service cleaners to steam-clean carpets, upholstery, along with linen. Enquire the agent to suggest the cleaning company. They will most likely refer you to the service provider that they commonly use. This will give you a chance to compare the costs.


Professional cleaners ensure that your leased property is sparkling clean, and this will make the landlord and the property manager is contented with the condition of the leased property. They have the right commercial strength pieces of equipment that get the job complete perfectly, and typically get it done quicker.

It means that even the drying time can be much faster. Getting professional help increases the probabilities of getting back the bond since the experts are well experienced in cleaning methods, and they are trained well in our efficient techniques.